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Classical Dimension
Classical Dimension

Master Willie Lim's Classical Dimension Martial Arts utilizes both his training in Tai Chi and Taekwondo. Bunkai, the hidden application of forms is Master Lim's specialty.

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Merit Badges International LLC
Merit Badges International LLC

Martial Arts Merit Badges to get your students to practice! Postcards to get them back in class Stickers to raise the energy in class Lifeskills strips will keep them coming back for years The Complete School Reward System For Growth & Retention

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BattleBorn Jujitsu
BattleBorn Jujitsu

As a student of BATTLEBORN JUJITSU you can expect to be taught a complete martial arts system including how to roll and fall properly, kicks, punches, throwing, ground fighting, weapons, strategy and more.

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Martial Arts Schools Directory Phone Apps
Martial Arts Schools Directory Phone Apps

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Budokai South Defensive Arts Institute

Budoaki South is a reprieve for the aspiring martial artist! In modern times, one can feel inundated with sales pitch...

Adam Dunham
Don Mac Kay's Black Belt Academy

Master Mac Kay's Black Belt Academy's offerings can change the course of your life. The Master, an 8th degree black ...

Ernestine Tina Bayer
ODBRANA Tactical Defense System

Join us for the best self defense and hand to hand combat training in industry.

Vladimir Djordjevic
Precision MMA

Great school, fit for all ages, coaches really focus on helping you succeed, gym is very clean, decorated nicely, def...

Denise Reyes