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The Black Lotus Martial Arts Association is a union of martial artists who have banded together to improve the quality of the martial arts world wide and to add more of a Christian focus to the martial arts. The BLMAA teaches an eclectic blend of martial styles into one cohesive system. Aside from the BLMA combative system we include and offer instruction in: Shorei Goju Karate, Keehan Ryu American Combat Karate, Dante Ryu Gojute Kenpo, Jute Ryu Aiki Jitsu, Hakka Ryu Jiujitsu, Yinchi Tao Chaun Fa/Chin Na, Combative System and Thunderbolt Kenpo. Each school and system is autonomous in the content of what they teach as long as it doesn't violate our philosophy or bylaws. The BLMAA is affiliated with: The Black Dragon Fighting Society, The Christian Brotherhood of Martial Artists, Thunderbolt Kenpo International, Kenseiryu Karate International, National Progressive Combative Systems, The Shinja Martial Arts Association, Mugei-Munmei no Jitsu Association and the International Combat Martial Arts Unions.

Central Standard Time
Monday - Friday 9:00am to 9:00pm


Additional Information

Contact Name: Dr. Donald Miskel

Year Started: 1992

Membership Information: Full Membership is given to Shodan and above
Associate Membership is given to kyu ranks

An individual who wishes to join the Black Lotus Martial Arts Association will be required to provide a brief resume and proof of rank.

Mission: The BLMAA is a Christian orientated martial arts association of several styles, groups, sister organizations and systems. Each group is completely autonomous coming together for mutual support and a common vision.

Our endeavor is to enhance the training of the total person. We believe that man is a triune being. He is a spirit, he has a soul and he resides in a body. We strive to train to unify and improve the disposition of each of these areas in the total person. We train in a martial discipline but we don't train to fight nor with the intention of finding opportunity to use these acquired skills. We strive instead to farther the moral and physical wellbeing of ourselves and others and to have a positive impact on our communities and the world we live in. we strive to practice love, kindness and compassion and to achieve peace wherever we happen to be and whatever our situation.

We embrace reason first and diplomacy if reason fails, resolution if diplomacy fails, de-escalation if resolution fails, avoidance if de-escalation fails and force only if no other recourse can be found. We seek harmony rather than conflict, conflict rather than pain, pain rather than injury, injury rather than incapacitation, incapacitation rather than death and death only when it is absolutely necessary.

We apply a "back to the wall" approach to fighting. We will walk away to avoid a conflict and run away to avoid a fight but we will fight if we have to. We know what we believe and we'll fight and even die for those beliefs if necessary. "If a man doesn't believe in something he'll fall for anything."

Leadership: Members Of The Black Lotus:

Shihan Tony Roberts (Deceased)
Hanshi Donald Miskel
Master Robert Hackett (Deceased)
Sensei Freeman Fox
Sensei Alvin Smith
Sensei G.C. Guard
Sensei Gilbert James (Deceased)

IFAA BDFS Patriarchs:
Dr. Lawrence Day
Dr. Michael Felkoff
G.M. Ernie Reynolds
G.M. Ron Pierce
G.M. Victor Moore
G.M. Frank Dux
G.M. Ashida Kim
Dr. Donald Miskel

Masters Council:
Shodai Soke Dr. Donald Miskel: Hanshi Donald Miskel, the shodai soke of the BLMAA fighting system and grandmaster of Kukeren Gojute kempo, has been involved in the martial arts since nineteen fifty seven. He is one of the co founders of the Black Lotus Martial Arts System and is its Chairman, presiding master and highest ranking practitioner. Master Miskel Is also the founder of Dante Ryu Gojute Kenpo, and Jute Ryu Aikijitsu, both modified combat systems. Dr. Miskel holds the rank of Hachidan (10TH degree black belt) in both the Black Lotus Martial Arts System and Gojute Kenpo, Shichidan (8th degree) in (Black Dragon) Shorei Goju Karate, and Godan (7th degree) in Jute Ryu Aikijitsu. Shihan Miskel also holds Dan rank, or equivalent, in several Okinawan, Japanese, Chinese and Filipino martial art systems. Shihan Miskel is an ordained minister and has graduate degrees in Divinity, Theology, Psychology and Christian Counseling. He was also awarded an honorary Doctorates degree in the martial arts by the Master’s College of Martial Arts, has been recognized as a Senior Professor by the University of American Kenpo, and was inducted into the 2008 United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Master of The Year. Hanshi Miskel has been recognized as a Judan Shodai Soke (First generation master and family head) by several national and international organizations. Shihan Miskel is a prolific writer and researcher and his primary focus is on real life self defense and the philosophy of Christian martial arts. Dr. Miskel is the Traditional Historian for Worldwide Dojo and is a History General of The Museum of Sports Karate. Hanshi Miskel is the Head of Family and one of the Patriarchs of the IFAA Original Black Dragon Fighting Society.

President - Sifu Larry McFadden: Master McFadden is the West Coast representative of the BLMAA and holds a Yodan (4th degree) in the BLMA system. Master McFadden is a minister and a college professor at the Moraine Valley College.
Master McFadden is the founder of the Kam Balaam Kung Fu system and the McFadden Street Defense system and is recognized as a founding master.

Vice President - Shihan Peter Lee: Master Lee is the BLMAA’s international representative and makes his home in Australia. Master Lee Holds rank of Godan in the BLMA system. Master Lee is also the founder and ranking Master of the Thunderbolt Kenpo system and is one of the highest ranking Kenpo practitioners in his part of the world.

John Wallace - Regional Vice President: John Wallace is the president of the South Western arm of the BLMAA. He has studied with Shihan for close to five years and has been his only private student in the Southwestern United States. John holds the rank of Nidan in BLMA Chin Na, the BLMA Combat System and in Jute Ryu Aikijitsu and a Shodan in Gojute Kenpo. John Wallace helped refine the art of Jute Ryu Aikijitsu. John is an ordained minister and an Associate Pastor. John is also a philosopher, and writer.

Shihan Clinton D. Jacobs holds a 8TH Dan in Shotokan Karate and Gojute Kempo and has also studied Praying mantis Kung Fu and Aiki Jiujitsu. Master Jacobs is the BLMAA Regional Director for the South Eastern United States.

Shihan Shean Smith is the Secretary of the S.E United States district and is Master jacob's assistant. Master Smith is a eighth Dan in shorin ryu karate and an 8th dan in gojute kempo.

Shihan Tim Flynn HOLDS AN 8th Dan in Aikijiusitsu and a 7th Dan in Gojute Kempo. Tim is the art director and creative consultant along with Master Peter Lee.

Prof. Gary Lee Is a senior council member. Master Lee is the founder and curator of the Museum of Sport Karate. Prof. Lee is one of the highest ranked members in th BLMAA.

Denise Miskel is the national secretary of the BLMAA and is an associate member of the BDFS. She is the wife of Dr. Donald Miskel and studies the Black Lotus Martial Art Combat System.

Brad and Nona Marshall are our Texas representitives. Brad is the Texas regional Vice President of the BLMAA. Brad has master rank in both Karate and Chaun Fa (Chinese kempo).

Darel Chase, Kyoshi is the head of the International Combat Aikijitsu Association. He holds senior rank in daita ryu aikijitsu, Shotokan karate and Shorin Ryu karate. He is one of the senior grandmasters in the BLMAA combat system

The late Dr. Sam Lonewolf was one of the senior advisors to the BLMAA.

Prof. Stoffal Van Vuuran is a living legend in the martial art community in South Africa. Aside from Grand Master rank in ninjitsu Master Van Vuuren is master rank in karate, kung fu and several other dicilpines. Master Van Vuuran heads BDFS International and hosts the IFAA kumite yearly. Master Van Vuuran is the regional V.P. of the BLMAA in South Africa.

Master Jonathan Kruger is the fifth generation Menkyo Kaiden of the Kodokwan Judo club in Zambia. Master Kruger was a missionary in Japan and Korea and studied Judo at the Kodakan, Tomiki aikido and daita ryu aikijitsu under Arao Sensei (Steven Segal's instructor) in Japan and Korean yudo and Hoshinsul in Korea.
Jonathan is the BLMAA reginal director and V.P. in Central Africa.

The Late Dr. Lawrence Day was one of Dr. Miskel's seniors and one of the Patriarchs and 'Keeper of the Flame' of the Black Dragon Fighting Society. Dr. Day is a tenth Dan in Karate and the equivilant in Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi chaun. Dr. Day is the U.S. V. P. and senior council member of the BLMAA.

Donald Miskel
Larry McFadden
Peter Lee
Tim Flynn
Jonathan Kruger
Felton Messina
Hermann Harms
Stoffal Van Vuuren
Brad marshall
Nona Marshall
Dr. Michael Felkof
Master Frank Dux
Master Sky Benson
Master Ashida Kim
Master Irving Soto
Master John Wong
Master Brian Roninson
Master Darel Chase
Master Keith Kugel
Dr.John Enger
Master Quoc Tran
Sensei Paul Corrigan
Sensei Hermann Harms
Sensei Lawrence Valadez
Master Ouoc Tran
Sensei Rafael Pabon
Sensei Rusty Hays
Joe Cayer
Orlando Rivera
Shihan Sean Smith
Shihan Kenneth Moore
Nelson Douglas
Arcino Stanley
Bobby Stapleton
Dana Stamos
Don Miskel
Chris Miskel
Carolyn Miskel
Theodore Miskel
Jason Malone
Brett Barrett
Gary Martz
Jonathan Krugar
Prof. Gary Lee
Clinton Jacobs
John Wallace
Geoff Schully
Vajra Dharmapadma
Dr. Sandee Hickman
Walter Womak
David Angelo
Bob Yoder
Prof. Paul Silva
Brandon Lee Williams
Sensei Dana Stamos

Associate Members:
Denise Miskel
Isaiah Miskel
Kyle Lindsay
Kamaren Lindsay
Kareem Miskel
Najma Miskel
Lajuana Johnson
Douglas Day
Cortez Day
Brian Culbertson
Stephen Hunt
Clara Faye Baity
Davion Thigpin
Dashira Thigpin

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