4110 Lepire Dr.
Carson City, Nevada 89701
United States
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We teach Nippon Kempo Butokukan Karate.

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Additional Information

Online School: No

Contact Name(s): Mark & Denise Ramsey

Year Started: 1972

Main Instructor 1: Sensei Mark Ramsey

Main Instructor 2: Sensei Denise Ramsey

School Programs: Classes for Adults and Children

Additional Styles Taught: Danzan Ryu Jujitsu

Instructor(s) Biography: Sensei Mark Ramsey
Sensei Mark Ramsey began studying martial arts in Carson City at about the age of 14. He earned his first ranking of Shodan in Nippon Kempo Butokukan in March of 1985, … a grading he attributes to the patience and assistance of Sensei Andy Matissen.

Realizing there was a gap in his knowledge and wanting to incorporate some of the elements of softer styles into his art, Sensei Ramsey joined the Shoshin Ryu of Nevada and began the study of Danzan Ryu Jujitsu, in which he currently holds the rank of Sandan.

Sensei Denise Ramsey
On June 8, 1985, Denise married Mark Ramsey, the instructor of the Carson Karate Club. Within a year, Denise was studying Nippon Kempo Butokukan Karate with the Carson Karate Club. She has achieved the distinction of the first female to reach the rank of brown belt, and has subsequently been the only female to earn a black belt in that system. She fervently hopes that will change in the near future. Denise currently holds the rank of Nidan. Denise has taught Yang short form Tai Chi, and has taken instruction in restorative massage from Sensei Donna Cary. Denise is currently a member of the American Ju-Jitsu Institute. She has assisted and taught many women’s self-defense workshops. Denise is a founding board member of the Northern Nevada Alliance of Martial Artists, a group whose focus is continuing exchange of all information martial arts.