Simmey-do Karate Federation

Posyolok Shevchenko 3
Line 53, 291
Odessa Odessa 65069
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Simmey-do, was developed in Ukraine, Odessa city by Salam Fouad Kahil, Lebanese from Nabatiye. Shihan Salam is a master who is certified by many respectable karate and martial arts organizations, as the international martial arts academies (England), the international kyokushinkai and self-defense federation (USA), the American Budo Society (USA), the international Alliance of martial arts (USA), the Tebma karate federation (Pakistan), the international alliance of martial arts (USA), the international Okinawa Seishinryoku Karate Do Kobudo Association (Greece), the PKKS organization (Netherlands), the International Board of black belts (Germany), the WASKO (Turkey), European federation of Koroho (France), International Combat Union (Serbia), Ukrainian association of martial arts (UA), the Lebanese kyokushinkai federation (Lebanon), and many more.

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Contact Name: Salam Fouad Kahil

Simmey-do Karate Training