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United States
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World Wide Martial Arts Council is a group of martial artists committed to leadership in our communities through teaching, organizing martial arts events, and by promoting martial arts ideals. It is our goal to keep the martial arts alive and vibrant. We include all styles of martial arts and recognize men and women in the martial arts community who share the gift of martial arts and make a difference in people's lives.

About The World Wide Martial Arts Council Logo
Our logo was designed by David Dye Sensei and here he shares with us what the logo represents:

The triangle within the circle represents the human body which consists of the mind, body and spirit. The Ying and Yang symbol represents within the body the balance of life and nature. With all sides connected and the balance of life and nature the body is complete

The white circle represents the mind as being pure
The red circle represents the bloodline of the martial art system
The black circle represents the spirit of the black belt

One who is pure in thought with the bloodline of the martial art has the spirit of a black belt.

The base of the triangle also represents the foundational spirit of the Martial Arts Council which when joined with the mind and body comes together at the apex of the triangle representing the World Wide alliance of all martial artists. The circle represents being surrounded and supported by the members of the World Wide Martial Arts Council.

9am - 5pm Monday - Friday

Members of the World Wide Martial Arts Council come from throughout the world.

Additional Information

Legal non-profit?: no

Contact Name: Gary Amen and John Olivier

Year Started: 2012

Membership Information: New members are recommended through their WWMAC State Representative and voted in by the Executive Council Board of Directors.

Mission: It is the mission of this Council to recognize and support positive martial artists world wide.

Martial arts should be recognized as a part of the backbone of cultural societies and should be given respect and support from their communitites world wide.

Martial artists historically protected those who were unable to protect themselves. This organization is determined to keep those ideals alive and to perpetuate the philosophy of helping the weak overcome their weaknesses and develop into strong healthy citizens.

It is the mission of this Council to create a unity of qualified members of a Martial Arts Council to act as witnesses and acknowledge the dedication and contributions of those who share a common bond in the spirit of martial arts.

It is the mission of this Council to acknowledge qualified students and instructors of martial arts upon evidence being shown of their strong mind, body and spirit through a serious study of martial arts so that they may progress and receive the respect and recognition they deserve for their dedication and service to the Spirit of Martial Arts.

It is the mission of this Council to validate not challenge the creditbility of those receiving acknowledgement from the Council.

It is the mission of this Council to create an organization of support for acknowledgeing the teachings, dedication and understanding of martial artists world wide, we the members of the Council do hereby agree to establish the World Wide Martial Arts Council on this 11th day of January in the year 2012.

Leadership: World Wide Martial Arts Council Leadership

Gary Amen: CEO and Founder
John Olivier: CO and President
Byron Mantack : Sr. Vice President
Allen Woodman: Director Marketing
Eric Lee: Vice President
Art Camacho: Sr. Director Entertainment
Dana Stamos: Sr. Director Public Relations and Communications

Samuel Kwok: Sr.: Vice President
Alan Goldberg: Sr. Directory – New York
John Casterline: Director – New York
Ewart Chin: Assist Director Entertainment
Don Grose: Director – Arizona
Craig Heimbichner: Director – Sacramento, CA
Dave Johnson: Director Fresno, CA
Eric Kovaleski: Director – Pennsylvania
Robert Kovaleski: Sr. Director – Pennsylvania
Jonathan Kruger: Sr. Director – South Africa
Samuel Kwok: Sr. Director – China and UK
Eddie Mapula, Sr.: Director Sport Fighting
Murat Kaplan: Director of Turkey
Phillip Nearing: Sr. Director – Chicago, Illinois
Ron Pierce: Sr. Director – Washington DC
Pablo Rodarte: Sr. Director – Mexico
Cynthia Rothrock: Ambassador to Women
Jim Thomas: Sr. Director – Ohio
Alfredo Torella: Director – Michigan and Italy
Moses Williams: Sr. Director – Texas
Alonzo Wilson: Sr. Director – Virginia
Douglas Wong: Sr. Director – California
Jeff Meacham: Asst. Director – Fresno, CA
Bill Wallace: Sr. Director – Florida

Dave Medina: Sr. Director Legal
James Wilson: Legal Advisor
Khovada Sharis: Legal Advisor

Lucy Olivier: Sr. Executive Secretary

Dana Stamos: Sr. Director Public Relations and Communications
Monua Cary: Communications
Martin Villafana: Graphics
David Burrola: Awards
James Valentino Santi: Caligrapher

Conan Lee – Consultant

Geoff Meed: Elite Council Member
James Lew: Elite Council Member
Danny Lane: Elite Council Member